About us

We believe every person is beautiful through her or his personal and unique radiance. Beauty has no limits, no boundaries and is magical. And the magical glow of your beauty illuminates the people around you.

We want to show and amplify the existing beauty of everybody.

Maleeq Oz

Maleeq Oz is an internationally renowned Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Beauty Consultant. His clients include Magazines like Vogue, Men’s Health, Playboy Magazine. He works for Fashion Shows, International Trade-Fairs and is invited to TV Shows.

If you feel like meeting him come to Maleeq’s Hairlounge in the centre of Witten, NRW. Literally everyone is invited and welcome there. You’ll walk out with a new style or your old style re-invented. And a smile on your face.

Just try, you’ll love it.

Maleeq Oz

Beauty Expert - Entrepreneur - Friend